Food sensibility is a big topic today. It is always a sensitive subject, and a lot of stress can be associated with it. Food sensitivity is similar to a food allergy, but the immune system is also involved. Before causing more harm to the body, it is essential to respect these guides:


  1. Observe the symptoms
  2. Take a food-sensitive test
  3. Contact a specialist


Is food intolerance different from a food allergy?


Yes, food intolerance affects only the digestive system and causes less severe symptoms. A true food allergy involves the immune system. Even a tiny amount of food can become harmful and cause damage to the body. 


Food sensitivity symptoms

What are the symptoms of food intolerance?

Symptoms depend on the food and the person, but they can be


Stomach pain.

Gas, cramps, or bloating.





Irritability or nervousness.


Take a food-sensitive test:

How do I know if I am sensitive to food?


There are usually two ways to proceed.

– Food sensitivity tests typically look for a special kind of antibody.

– Skin pricks or blood tests that measure a special kind of protein.


Having a fast and reliable answer to these questions is necessary and reassuring… 


A friend of mine began to have pain in the abdomen and Diarrhoea we looked online for a medicine or test sample and found EverlyWell.


What is EverlyWell?


EverlyWell offers health and food allergy tests at home. You can take a food sensibility test at home. These tests can help you understand faster what is happening in your body. These tests are not meant to be a substitute for seeking professional medical advice, help, diagnosis, or treatment.

EverlyWell brings certified clinical laboratories to your home through test samples.


What is Everlywell’s specialty?

EverlyWell has focused on creating a trusted and scientifically certified self-testing service. At-home self-collected samples that are validated against traditional methods. The physician-approved every step of the way.


How does it work?

  1. Order your kit

First, you need to choose the test you want. Your order will be reviewed and certified by a board of doctors in your state. You should receive it in the mail between 5-10 business days.


The doctor’s approval for the kit’s use will expire five months after the order.


  1. Take your samples

The kit will come with detailed directions on how to take the test. Depending on your pick, you may need to take blood, stool, saliva, or urine.


EverlyWell has online videos to help you understand the steps before taking a test. Their customer support will also provide help if you have any questions.


     2. Send your samples to the lab.

Each testing kit comes with a plastic biohazard bag and a prepaid shipping label so you can easily send your samples for testing. You’ll write your name, collection time, and date on the bag.

If you’re taking samples for several tests, you may need separate bags. Check that the correct shipping labels are on each package, as not all samples go to the same lab for testing.

Put the package(s) in a USPS drop box to send the samples off for testing. EverlyWell says the samples usually take 2 to 3 days to arrive at labs.


     3. Get your results online.

It takes about five business days to receive your results, but processing times may vary, and some tests may take longer. You’ll get an email when the results are ready, and you can access the information via your EverlyWell account.

Some tests come with telehealth consultations with a doctor. You can also share results with your doctor.

EverlyWell states that they are Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) compliant and takes privacy very seriously. They don’t share your results with anyone unless you provide authorization.

Tests are only for adults. EverlyWell is not able to provide testing to anyone under the age of 18.


Is EverlyWell excellent or bad?



Super convenient: you don’t need to leave your home to take a test

Custom information: the brand offers a wide range of tests, from food sensitivity tests to STI tests.

Delivery delay: EverlyWell service comes with a delivery time. Tests are dispatched within 1 to 4 business days after taking the test and sending it; you should have an answer within five days. There are nine openings days between the order and the results without leaving your home.


Costs: A test from EverlyWell won’t cost less than a regular doctor’s visit and lab tests paid through insurance. However, they may be comparable to labs done through your regular doctor without insurance.

Human services: EverlyWell doesn’t offer human service; you won’t have a nurse meeting you at home to take samples. 

Limited evidence for specific tests: Some of the testing that EverlyWell offers is controversial. There is a lack of evidence supporting the general health test. 


Is it worth it?

Quality of service

Where to find them?

EverlyWell offers a wide range of tests; you can find the food sensibility test here. They are delivering their products to residents in 49 U.S. states. Test kits are not available to ship to New York, except for the COVID-19 test kit.


How much do EverlyWell tests cost?


The cost of EverlyWell tests varies considerably. Here’s a quick rundown of the cost range for each category:

General wellness: $49–$259

Men’s health: $49–$199

Women’s health: $49–$199

Energy and weight: $49–$99

Sexual health: $49–$149

EverlyWell sometimes offers discounts on their testing kits. They also have a membership program where you pay $24.99 monthly to get a testing kit. The $14.99 plan allows you to receive a monthly STI test of your choice.

You can also use a health savings account (HSA) or flexible spending account (FSA) to pay for at-home health tests from EverlyWell. Some plans may be stricter than others about what they allow, though.

Many health insurance companies, including Medicare and Medicaid plans, won’t cover this type of in-home testing. Some insurance companies may only cover certain types of testing offered by EverlyWell.


The article was written with the help of Healthline.